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The logo mark by cast letters is polished on the top surface to further enhance the sense of luxury. It strongly impresses the feeling of Kodawari. The lips of curled rim flanges are also unique in shape. By making the outer circumference (contour) look thinner, the aim is to make the discs and openings look bigger.


Spoke shaping with edges and dropped from the face surface to sharp angles as much as possible. The sharp and sharp expression reminiscent of forging is also a major feature of this wheel. The folding of the spokes boldly cut toward the center part is decorated with connection ribs to increase strength.


GTV01 expresses the five-spoke design of the racing model with casting. The spoke end is set at the last minute of the rim flange. It's a design that amplifies the long leg feeling that is conscious of the street. The spokes that produce a three-dimensional feeling with undulations stir up the sports mind with a form that makes you feel powerful.


SSR GTV01 18x8.5 5x114.3 40mm Offset Glare Silver Wheel

SKU: T418850+4005GGL
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