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The ADVAN Racing GT Premium Version, which began as a 20-inch version of the R35GTR, are now available in 19-inch and 18-inch versions to fit a wider range of cars.

The wheels are available in three colors limited to the GT Premium Version. By wheel size, the colors are as follows: Racing Gloss Black (20-inch only), Racing Gold Metallic(20-inch and 18-inch), Racing Titanium Blue (20-inch, 19-inch, and 18-inch). (Color selection is limited in certain sizes.)

The new color for 2015 is Racing Titanium Blue, a glossy deep dark blue.

The ADVAN Racing GT logo letters are 3D-machined on the spokes. The logos as well as the stickers are part of the wheels’ exclusive design, and result in a finish that says “premium” at first glance.

The 20-inch and 18-inch wheel rims are knurled to prevent tire slippage.

Advan GT Premium Version 20x10.0 +35 5-114.3 Racing Gloss Black Wheel

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