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Advan R6 18x9.5 +29 5-114.3 Racing Titanium Black Whee is designed with six slim spokes and a deep, step-rim form, the new R6 wheel clearly has its roots in the ADVAN Racing RG-D2 models. The concept was to evolve the RG-D2 design and its possibilities all the way to 20-inch sizes, and developing top-level specifications for this big diameter wheel was certainly a large part of deciding to use the mold-form forging process. Right. It was the same process as the smooth flow from the 18-inch TCⅢ to the 20-inch GT. Yes, the same process, but the ADVAN Racing R6 is not merely a rehash. Yokohama was confident that the RG-D2’s step-rim form in a 20-inch + wide rim would mark a sharp contrast to the deep rim GT. That conviction ultimately paid off with the perfection of a test wheel and its introduction at SEMA.


The color lineup includes the popular Machining & Racing Hyper Black, and a new one called Machining & Black Coated Graphite, as well as a bold design finish called Racing Candy Red. The ADVAN Racing R6 logo is engraved into the spokes to create a 3D image similar to that of the GT Premium Version.

Advan R6 18x9.5 +29 5-114.3 Racing Titanium Black Wheel

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