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Concave one-piece wheels with step-rim form plus three types of spokes
Six years passed since the current RG-D model was launched in 2010. In 2016, this model will receive its first model change, coming out as the RG-D2.
The special aspects of the new casting 1-piece RG-D2 models include the step-rim form
Three types of concave spokes are standard designs for 18×7.5J/8.0J/8.5J, while 18×8.5J/9.0J/9.5J are the GTR design, and 9.5J/10.0J/10.5J/11.0J are the Super GTR design, each with as great a concave design as is possible with casting wheels.
ADVAN Racing FLOW FORMING JAPAN MADE logos are printed on the step of the rims by a thermal-transfer method, so everyone can tell these are ADVAN Racing wheels.
The spokes are side cut on both sides, without joins, using the “advanced side cut” process.
These 18-inch wheels have the racing rim profile necessary for 18-inch wheels to accommodate brake systems with rotor sizes of up to 400mm diameter.
RG-D2 are available in the following colors: Machining & Racing Hyper Black, Semi Gloss Black, and Machining & Black Gun Metallic which was newly developed.

Advan RG-D2 17x8.5 -10mm 6-139.7 Racing Umber Bronze Metallic Wheel

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