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And now, a model change for the RSⅡ, the ADVAN Racing flagship model for 10 years. The most advanced forging technology creates the all-new 10-spoke RSⅢ!!


The ADVAN Racing RS, the flagship model of the brand, was launched in 2001. That RS model became the RSⅡ in 2009 after some refinements to the original design. WTCC competition showcased the RSⅡ’s design and performance, and put ADVAN Racing in the global spotlight. Then, in 2019, the third generation of RS wheels arrived. Of course it maintains the 10-spoke design, but this new model change brings a completely new look. Based on the latest analytical data on strength — and the fact that strength is closely connected to the vertical cross section of the spokes — the spokes on the new RSⅢ wheels have the tallest vertical cross section of the three RS models. On the other hand, viewed from the front, the spokes are narrower than those of the RSⅡ, giving the wheels a sharper look. And despite the narrow cross-section, both sides of the spokes are side-cut machined, underscoring Yokohama’s advanced forged wheel technology. Called “advanced side cut processing,” this is clearly visible on even the slimmest parts of the spokes, a departure from the RSⅡ spokes, which were not connected at the center, and did not have such side-cut features. RSII wheels offered two concave spoke face designs: STANDARD-Design and GTR-Design. RSⅢ wheels, on the other hand offer three faces thanks to the addition of the Super GTR-Design. Thus the most appealing wheel face can be selected size by size.

Advan RSIII 18x8.5 +38 5-114.3 Umber Bronze Metallic & Ring Wheel

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