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Brembo BMW 2021 M3 M4 Rear Pads Premium Low-Met OE Equivalent deliver a perfect combination of performance and comfort for street use. Our Low-Met compound bites hard thanks to its metallic properties, but not at the cost of comfort.

As a result, you’re getting a set of performance street pads that can keep up on twisty roads and still be comfortable enough for daily commuting to work.


The Brembo Low-Met brake pads are designed to help you get the most out of your OE brake system. Our Low-Met compound features 10-50% metallic materials, which allows it to bite harder into the rotor and improve the braking performance of your vehicle.This translates to shorter stopping distances and the ability to brake more aggressively when you need to.


By carefully selecting materials for our Low-Met brake pads, we’ve built a friction compound that can handle high temperatures without sacrificing performance.Brembo Low-Met pads can sustain up to 750 °F/400 °C without experiencing brake fade. That makes them the perfect pad for those who enjoy a more dynamic drive with frequent bursts of heavy braking.



2021 M4 Base, Competition
2021 M3 Base, Competition
Note: Except Ceramic Composite Brakes


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Brembo BMW 2021 M3 M4 Rear Pads Premium Low-Met OE Equivalent

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