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Developed strictly for competition use, the Buddy Club Racing Spec II exhaust system is the pinnacle of all competition systems available today. With 100% stainless steel construction and straight through muffler design the Racing Spec II system offers both lightweight construction and extreme high-flow efficiency.

Special Features of the Spec II:

Using features such as an engineered intermediate silencer and spring hook type connectors, The Spec II is able to enhance torque at low RPM.

An additional benefit of the spring hook design is the reduction in weight compared to systems that use flanges to attach exhaust segments.

All Spec II Exhaust systems also include a stainless steel wool packed silencer to help reduce exhaust noise, if the vehicle is driven in areas with noise regulations.


Lightweight all stainless steel construction.Spring Hook type connector for better exhaust flow while maintaining torque at lower speeds. The intermediate silencer (torque bulge) is designed with characteristics to ensure an effective tourque curve. Included with the system is a steel wool packed silencer, that works almost as a "mini-muffler"for use in low noise areas such as public roads.

Buddy Club Spec II Exhaust DC5 RSX 02+ Type S

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