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Ceramic White Pearl Finish: Ceramic white pearl is a glossy porcelain white finish that does not lean towards the blue or yellow'd side of the spectrum. This wheel is WHITE. 


Here, you are looking at the Gram Lights 57DR. This wheel was designed as a spin off of Rays Japan's classic 57D, reimagined for the overseas market.

This wheel is cast, engineered to withstand the modern day high stress of higher powered sports cars and tire advancements while still being able to handle the abuse of daily driving throughout city or countryside roads.

Combining both style and performance, the 57DR features six aggressively curved rigid spokes, leading down into a stepped lip for an incredibly strong, and light weight wheel. Gram lights has then taken this wheel a step further, removing weight from the center of the wheel with five counterbore holes placed synonymously to the lug nuts.

On top of the styling queues, this wheel features phenomenal brake clearance and in most sizes will clear big brakes without issue.

Gram Lights 57DR 18x9.5 +38 5-114.3 Ceramic Pearl Wheel

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