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Going beyond just ride comfort or handling performance, a new standard of "Driving Comfort" aims for comfort in ride but also in the peace of mind generated by handling performance and drivability . An uncompromising balance which delivers on all the demands of street driving.



Adopting the latest setting technology, it is possible to experience ride comfort on rough street and vehicle stability while feeling the load shift even in high load range. The stock electrical controlled shock absorber still works well. However, we aimed for a controllable setting in accordance with the driver's intention by using vehicle specific internal valves that makes you easily feel the vehicle attitude.
The test vehicle is equipped with 19-inch high-grip radial tires and boost increased B48 engine. We conducted product test with the vehicle that set up with a perspective vehicle spec of the potential users.
Due to expanding the range of change for one click of the damping force adjustment dial, you can easily adjust the damper force matched with changes in specification of the car such as power up/strengthened brakes/improved tire grip.
The front suspension adopts "inverted" strut type. The cylinder and outer diameter are penetrated into the upright mounting area to secure the necessary stroke volume even at a lowered ride height.
Since it is difficult to adjust camber angle on the lower side of the stock suspension, an adjustable pillow upper is adopted.
The rear is equipped with a special upper plate machined from aluminum, and weight reduction was also taken into consideration after determining the areas where strength is required. Rubber upper mounts are used for riding comfort.
Both the front and rear are equipped with direct-wound springs. Therefore, spring rate can be easily changed.
High durability of 3-year/60,000 km coverage has been achieved by reviewing internal components.


Single Tube Damper Design

The new HIPERMAX S series continue to employing the single tube structure.
The advantage of this structure is to be able to provide the gas and oil chamber separately, and then it allows to use of a large diameter piston. As a result, a quality and stable damping force is gained.

Inverted Shock Absorber (Strut)

・Large lateral forces are spread over a larger area increasing rigidity under high loads or with larger wheels
・Damper is attached to body side reducing un-sprung weight for improved handling

Dual PVS

The Pre-load Valve System, introduced in the previous MAX IV GT 20 Spec,S-Style L,S-Style C, created a remarkable difference to handling performance. This has been further refined to introduce “Dual PVS”.
High speed damping is reduced while keeping unnecessary movement to a minimum.

WR Needle: Wide range damping force adjustment mechanism

The improved shape of the needle expands the oil relief channel. Each step of the 30 step adjustment is now more prominent. Having softer adjustment options gives more options for street driving.

ADVANCED BUMP RUBBER(Evolution of Bump stop rubber)

For HIPERMAX S, a further improved “ADVANCED BUMP RUBBER” was developed which pursues further softness and also shorter variations deliver a wide range of options for a variety of cars delivers a natural and smooth experience

PNE Coating

HKS previously introduced SNOW EDITION versions to combat corrosion head on. The result of this development was PNE coating delivering 5x better durability compared to standard galvanizing

Strengthened Rubber Upper Mount

Strengthened rubber upper mount is able to absorb small body vibrations whilst tightening up the mount over stock. Revised cross sectional design and material composition balance comfort and performance

"KODAWARI" of Exterior

The aluminum top mount is chamfered by machining to enhance the beauty of the product.Delivering detail and quality which was not previously available through previous printing methods

HKS HIPERMAX S Supra MK5 DB82 Full Canceler Kit

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