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The Ultimate High Spec Muffler Designed For 1000ps.

HKS has developed one of our most powerful muffler. It's for horse power of 1000. It's for R35 GT-R with HKS GT1000 RACING SPEC. We purely pursuit the exhaust efficiency for super low exhaust resistance pressure.
The RACING MUFFLER pipe diameter is φ101.6 and didn't have to narrow down. It connects to the main pipe by changing from the 2nd catalyzer so that we didn't have to limit the diameter of the pipe because of the stock flange part.

Ground Clearance is 15mm lower than the stock.

HKS Racing Muffler Nissan GT-R R35 CBA DBA VR38DETT

SKU: 31008-KN001
$3,360.00 Regular Price
$2,939.00Sale Price
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