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  • Helps to eliminate grinds during hard shifts

  • OEM Honda master cylinder

  • Stainless steel braided clutch line

  • Improves the feel of gear changes

Factory clutch master cylinders in the 06-15 Civics are known to be rather unreliable and because of their poor design and quality, it can lead to premature failures of critical parts throughout the drivetrain.

High RPM grinds are mostly attributed to the OE master cylinders' inability to transfer fluid effectively to the slave cylinder, thus causing grinding and rasping of the gears and synchros since the clutch disk hasn’t fully disengaged.

Upgrading the clutch master cylinder and clutch line to our EM1 kit changes the system to an older, more direct and efficient system. This improvement allows the driver to feel a more consistent and direct clutch pedal which also improves shifting at high RPMs.

Read through our instructions to get an idea of what it takes to get your gear change issues fixed once and for all. Also, consider upgrading your shifter cables or cable bushings for an even more direct and crisp gear change.

As a side note, this kit will not fix a broken or damaged transmission... we're not magicians.

Hybrid Racing Clutch Master Cylinder Upgrade Honda Civic Si 02-05 EP3

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