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  • Slim design improves hood clearance.

  • Fits most K-Series valve covers.

  • Works with 2.0 & 2.4l engines

  • Flippable handle to aid removal

We believe the recipe for a perfect part is an elegant balance of form and function. With that concept in mind, we set out to design a dipstick for the K-Series engine that we would be excited to install into our own engines. In the end, we came up with five features that made it into the final design.

The Hybrid Racing Dipstick sits flush with the valve cover, for improved hood clearance and sleek styling. It is easy to remove when hot or under pressure with the built-in T-Handle. The design uses a stamped steel measuring stick that allows for accurate oil measurement with OEM durability. For added security, we use a neodymium magnet that prevents it from pushing out when crankcase pressure gets too high. And to further simplify the entire product it is compatible with both K20 and K24 engines. One stick fits both engines.

With a year's worth of design, prototyping and testing put into such a simple part we are proud to now offer a fantastic item to all of our customers. Get yours today!


  • K20A, K20A2, K20A3, K20Z1, K20Z3, K24A1, K24A2, K24A3, K24A4, K24A8

    DOES NOT FIT K24Z3 or K24Z7 Valve cover
    DOES NOT FIT K20C Engines

Hybrid Racing Slimloc K-Series Dipstick

SKU: HYB-DIP-01-08
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$104.00Sale Price
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