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88mm STD STROKE (2.0L)
· 4G63/4G63T 1st Gen 6 Bolt
· 4G63/4G63T 2nd Gen 7 Bolt / EVO VIII, IX

2618 high strength material; Lightweight design with offset wrist pin for quiet start-ups Skirts
.150” wall x 2.250” length Premium Chrome Moly pin (Standard Series) included
.827”/21mm 6 bolt (P/N 42243) & .866”/22mm 7 bolt (P/N 42251)
9310 alloy .210” wall pin (Included with Extreme Duty Series – P/N 42543 for 6 bolt
& P/N 42551 for 7 bolt)
Pressure balance groove
Will accommodate +1mm valve sizes
Premium Steel top rings with Napier seconds and round wire locks included
Recommended piston clearance .0035” measured 1.100” from the bottom of the oil ring

Our signature “Platinum Series” pistons feature 2618 alloy forgings, proven cam and barrel skirt profiles, tool steel wrist pins, and moly skirt coatings on select part numbers. Join the ranks of professional engine builders and tuners who rely on Manley pistons for superior performance and durability.
2618 Alloy Forgings: We use domestic 2618 alloy forgings, ensuring superior strength and performance.Chrome Moly Wrist Pins: Premium Chrome Moly wrist pins come standard with our Standard Series Pistons. For select SKUs, we offer wrist pin upgrades to 9310 and Turbo Tuff/DLC alloys, providing additional durability.Exacting Ring Lands and Grooves: We adhere to strict standards for piston ring lands and grooves, resulting in enhanced ring seal and more power.Cam and Barrel Profiles: Our pistons boast cam and barrel (skirt) profiles that generate substantial power while being gentle on cylinder walls.Unique Fixturing: Manley’s unique fixturing allows for skirt turning and ring groove machining in a single operation, ensuring ultimate ring groove to skirt squareness.

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Manley 03-06 Evo 8/9 (7 Bolt 4G63T) 87mm Bore 9.0:1 Dish Pistons

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  •  150mm

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