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Curl rim lips that make the contour look sharp and make the face stand out. The spokes are once greatly depressed in front of the rim end. THE GTV02 VISUALLY MAKES THE DISCS AND RIMS LOOK LIKE INDIVIDUAL PARTS DUE TO THIS UPS AND DOWN, AND HAS GAINED A SENSE OF LUXURY JUST LIKE 2PIECE. A super-slender spoke line made possible by cutting-edge casting technology. The outstanding lightness enhances the athletic performance of the car and contributes to fuel saving as well as driving. There are two patterns of processing on the V spoke. The ribs are reinforced, while the step line is effective for tightening the face.


Thin and beautiful spokes of GTV02 stretching smoothly. The long spoke feeling that makes the caliber bigger than the actual size is also more than imagined. SPOKES DESIGNED FOR EACH RIM SIZE ARE GREATLY INFLATED WHILE ENSURING THE TARGET CALIPER CLEARANCE, AND THE FUNCTIONALITY FORMS A POWERFUL FACE.

SSR GTV02 18x9.0 5x114.3 45mm Offset Flat Black Wheel

SKU: T518900+4505GMB
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