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Ultralight design that eliminates even slight flesh. The dimple engraved at the base of the spokes at the center part is lightweight technology adopted by racing wheels. Weight control technology applied after thorough strength analysis of size and depth does not affect strength or rigidity.


The disc is a direct design of the GT500 racing wheel. While shaping to the limit for weight reduction, it realizes overwhelmingly high rigidity by adopting 10 spokes that excel in structural balance. The spoke is a model that increases or decreases the thickness of the side for each V-shape. This is also the result of piercing lightness and stiffness from both sides.


The disc has a rim over design that extends the tip of the spoke to the rim flanges. The biggest aim of this design is to firmly support the flanges where stress is concentrated with spokes and increase rigidity. The top surface of the cast logo engraved on the rim is cut + clear painted. There is no limit to the finish.

SSR GTX01 18x8.5 5x100 44mm Offset Dark Silver Wheel

SKU: XA18850+4405CDK

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