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Adopting a new spoke cross-section that makes use of the achievements and know-how gained from racing activities, both lightweight and high rigidity. In order to reduce the weight, the connection from the spoke to the rim was also reviewed, and as a result of scraping off the flesh, a sharp spoke design was born. The three-dimensional design is really sporty and aggressive.


Ribs that make the disc's concave feeling stand out more. It has a visual effect that makes slim spokes look sharper. Of course, it also plays an important role in increasing rigidity. The center part is compatible with target models of each size, but by making it capless, the thickness is minimized and lightweight.


Add a special presence and individuality with an elegant shine. SPECIAL SETTING FOR MACHINED GRAPHITE GUN METAL + SMOKE CLEAR ONLY. Featuring a rim, a center part and a polished SSR logo.GTX03 has four types of concave shapes with different depths. Designed with the optimal face line by the brake caliper and inset of the target vehicle.

SSR GTX03 18x9.5 5x100 38mm Offset Black Graphite Wheel

SKU: XC18950+3805CGM
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