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In order to achieve overwhelming lightness, the cross-sectional area of the spokes is designed to be small. The top surface is particularly thin so that it looks light. The ribs arranged in a one-step drop position ensures rigidity firmly.


By making the center cap optional, the thickness of the hub has been thoroughly suppressed. The meat is scraped from the face and the mounting surface, and the thickness is thinned to the limit, achieving overwhelming lightness.


For weight reduction, the spokes connecting the rim and the center are designed to be the shortest according to the brake size and clearance of the target model. We have a lineup of faces with different depths, including SMI, CV, and SC. The flow forming method, which realizes the performance equivalent to forging, is thinner in the inner rim by the FFT-R manufacturing method, which is further sophisticated with SSR's proprietary technology. In addition, by reviewing the profile of the rim, we are further reducing the weight.


Based on strict strength analysis, cut the little meat on the back of the spoke without missing it. In addition, the shot peening process was added after cutting. This process strengthens the surface and improves strength. The cross-sectional area can be reduced by 13%, and the weight has achieved a significant weight reduction of about 400g per wheel. ( ※The numerical value varies depending on the size.) Scraping offBy the rigorous strength analysis, any excess part is scraped off.

SSR GTX04 18x9.5 5x114.3 40mm Offset White Wheel

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