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Fits STi 04

Basic models for street use, superior quality made affordable.The top end of the shell pipe is narrowed, oil and gas are injected, and the whole unit is sealed by crimping the metal.This new approach massively shortens the production process. As a result, we have succeeded in vastly cutting production cost. The ride height can be adjusted by moving the lower spring seat up or down. Characteristic of this system are its simple structure and ease of use. Compared to the regular mono-tube system, twin-tube attains longer stroke with a smaller repulsive force, resulting in high ride comfort.

STREET ADVANCE Z and STREET BASIS Z use the vehicle's original upper mounts (not included in our product kit). Thanks to its smooth compression and high durability, the dust boot guards the piston rod from damage, and keeps foreign material out of the shock absorber.
(Some vehicles use their OE dust boots) Modify ride comfort and handling according to your preference, changing the properties of the shock absorber with the adjustment dial. The EDFC Series offer easy damping force adjustment from the driver's seat.* Street advance only.
* Some vehicle models are not compatible

*Actual product may vary*

Tein Subaru Impreza WRX STi 05-07 GDFD Street Advance Z Coilovers kit

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